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About me

Lynn’s Creations
was created November 2019. I was diagnosed and have suffered with itchy eczema skin since the age of 6 and still do today. I created Lynn’s Creations a Eczema Skincare line to help myself and others become itch free. 

My mission and joy is to help families soothe and hydrate their dry skin. I hope that my eczema skincare will help people feel more comfortable within their skin and shine along the way. 

Lynn's Creations Plant-Based Skincare is 100% natural. I use organic, raw, unrefined and cold pressed ingredients to make my hydrating products.

My whipped Shea butter cream can be used on all members of the family from head to toe. Its gentle and safe for babies and works wonderful for diaper rash. My Oatmeal scrub can also be used for the whole family even babies to help alleviate eczema itchy skin. 

Lynn's skincare can be used on all types of skin; you don't have to have eczema. My products works well for psoriasis and any dry skin that simply needs some hydration. My products will hydrate all skin from head to toe and gives a nice glow. My whipped Shea Butter works wonders for your hair as well, gives a beautiful finger coil.

Come along and get your hydration on!!

My children's book, Lynn's Itchy Skin Beautiful with Eczema Outside and In is "Available" for purchase as well as my puzzles