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Lynn's Creations Hydrating Oatmeal Scrub

Lynn's Creations Hydrating Oatmeal Scrub

Plant-Based Oatmeal Scrub that soothes Eczema, psoriasis. It will hydrate all forms/types of dry skin. This wonderful scrub, will leave your skin so silky smooth! You can use daily & I promise you're gonna love it!

Our wonderful scrub is made with natural and organic ingredients, so it is safe to use on your body from head to toe! If you have any dry patches in your scalp, on your face, legs, etc. is scrub is for you! Our Hydrating scrub also it does wonders on your feet!


Active Ingredients:
Brown Sugar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Shea Butter

Always use clean hands and keep your jar sealed tight. Use a dime size amount and run both hands under water and rub on your target area until smooth and rinse. for face, same as above dime size amount, hands under water, rub in hands first for 5 seconds then apply to face and rub until smooth and rise - A little goes a long way

ā— Please allow 3-4 days for processing